Free Power Solar Chargers

We love free stuff. Well, I know I certainly do, and ever since I discovered solar chargers, life has just gotten simpler and more fun too (or less stressful). OK, so of course the units themselves are not free, but the power from them is and it cannot be more amazing. I mean how many of us have experienced the ill-timed demise of cell phone battery life? Probably all of us! Well, not anymore since an investment in the coolest gadget ever, a “cell phone solar charger”, something that you now take absolutely everywhere and has completely eliminated the concern about battery failure. It’s a tremendous hassle when your cell phone, tablet or laptop runs out of juice at the most inopportune time. Yes, if you are home you simply plug them in, but what if you are camping, hiking or even on a boat in the middle of a lake? My favorite place to take my solar charger is on the bus while travelling to my son’s hockey tournaments. I cannot express how fabulous it is to have power when you need it and the peace of mind to have continued contact with home if something were to happen.

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Now, let’s get to the products. The one I invested in was a small, fit-in-the-palm version “Allpowers® 23000mah USB External Rechargeable Portable Power” solar charger. To be completely honest, I use this as an extra battery and prefer to charge the unit from home, I find it charges better and faster that way, so the chargers stored power is capable of charging my
cell, IPod, tablet or even laptop at a moment’s notice, but for those incidents that the solar chargers power runs out, I have the added convenience of charging my items via the sun. I consider the solar chargers panel a real bonus feature even though it does take considerably more time to charge the unit this way. Don’t worry though; the unit really holds its charge long term and makes for a great portable phone charger capable of charging numerous other devices. I find I even prefer to use it in the truck instead of my usual vehicle charger. I should mention the fact that this model comes with every attachment you could possibly need and when I am on hockey trips, I pretty much have to conceal it because everyone wants me to charge their phones.

Allpowers® 23000mah USB External Rechargeable Portable Power

Next, I would like to mention a slightly larger solar powered cell phone charging station. After I told my brother about my purchase, he found a slightly larger one he liked and bought it. He is an avid hunter, fisherman and hiker who is always exploring the back country with his family. He swears by this model, the “Portable Solar Charger-StrongVolt SOLAR:10” and after having given it a test for myself while mountain biking our nearby trails this past summer, I have to say he is right. It’s a great unit if you need something a bit larger, but still portable; this charger is also available in two smaller versions. The Solar10 is made remarkably solid and held together by a strong canvas case that folds up into a nice compact wallet-sized package for easy storage. This solar chargers best feature is in the convenience of opening it up and attaching it to a backpack for simple, on-the-go charging. It’s a wonderful piece of equipment to have on hand to charge your GPS system or any other type of USB chargeable device for that matter. It’s conveniently sized; light, easy to use and will fully charge just about any cell phone within 3 hours’ time.

Portable Solar Charger-StrongVolt SOLAR:10

I realize this next item isn’t solar related, but I just have to mention the Anker Astro Mini 3000mAh Ultra-Compact charger because it is such a convenient, compact and reliable little unit. It is the perfect portable device to keep in your purse, jacket pocket or backpack for truly on-the-go power; little bigger than a lipstick container and in as little as 3-4 hours charging time you will have a fully charged portable station. Personally, I keep one in the vehicle for those days my cell just doesn’t want to hold its charge. I even bought each of my kids one because they were repeatedly running out the door with low cell battery and constantly using the excuse that they forgot to charge it. It would literally put me over the deep end with worry when I couldn’t get in touch with one of them, but not anymore; they each have one in their coat pocket and that gives them no more excuses and me peace of mind. It is one of the best solar chargers available at an extremely reasonable price.

 Astro-mini 3000 mah potable charger

We can find the sun pretty much anywhere during the daytime hours, so it makes perfect sense to have a solar charger on hand. If you ever find yourself in a bad situation and with low battery life, rest assured one of these units will get you up and running again. It a great benefit to our environment too, feels good to be reducing emissions, waste and or byproducts. 🙂